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PLATFORM UNDER DEVELOPMENT & TESTING FinTech/Real Estate Digitalization & Investment

Hotel Assets Worldwide Tokenization Investment on Blockchain​

MMR Project will make possible to use Blockchain and tokenization for Hotel Assets from different parts of the globe.​ We are disrupting the Global Real Estate (RE) starting from Luxury Hotel market by Tokenizing the Room Revenue Share and democratizing access to it as a form of investment. Our unique value proposition is a Room Revenue Tokenization Service on Blockchain that will fully capitalize on the freedom of what high liquidity can bring to your RE investments.

Elite Icon Trust (EIT) is Liechtenstein based Trust founded with purpose to develop the VISION for ‘’Solution for Luxury Hotel Asset with Room Revenue Share Tokenization & support ICPO (initial Coin Public Offering) for MMRSC, MMRST, MMRL.’’
Elite Icon FZE is a Commercial Brokerage Firm, a headquarter of the Group based in Dubai, UAE.
Our Experience in Connecting Business lies from Central Asia – MENA – EUROPE on the Level of Family Offices, Consortiums, Governments
EIT DIGITAL ASSETS is EIT arm in Central Asia, established in Astana International Financial Centre ( AIFC) for the purpose to develop Luxury Hotel Room Revenue Share & digital tokenization of the Assets at AIFC FinTech Lab Regulatory Sandbox​

Bitcoin and its Market Implications

Investment into a Hotel Assets Worldwide, providing clients with a proportionate share of the Income stream of the most profitable department of the Hotel – the Rooms Department. ​

The Investments will be secured by a Title Deeds, issued by and registered with the Land Department of the Country Hotel Asset is Purchased.

Money received from investors is expected to be utilized as soon as agreements have been signed with the Hotels.

Global system

Different combinations of Luxury Hotels for different geographical regions will produce different levels of return.

The fact that the Hotel Assets will be based on a basket of Global Currencies (USD, EURO, YUAN, YEN, POUND, CHF, BTC, ETH) helps smooth out unsystematic risk events.

Elite Icon Group is building the Optional Portfolio that achieves a perfect balance between Risk and Return

Since MMR TOKENS will be based on a basket of Currencies, Currency Risk is minimized. This would likely attract Investors and Funds from other Asset classes such as Gold & Equity.

In the event of the devaluation of a currency in a certain Country, Hotels will raise Prices of their Rooms to match any decrease in the value of the Currency

This ensures that Investors are properly compensated for any possible Currency Fluctuations.



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